Friday, August 3, 2012

Green Jello, Food Fight - 85981

Green Jello, Food Fight, 85981, 1998, 22" diameter. 22hr firing, 45 hr cooling cycle.
After about two years in Logan UT, our neighbors finally invited us to a ward party. For the non-LDS (non-mormon) among us, that is a party held at your local church in UT... basically a neighborhood party, that falls under the aegis of the LDS church. In short, we were asked (after 2 yrs) to come to a neighborhood party. Nice, eh?

When we asked what we could bring, our neighbor suggested "a green salad". So Leah brought a nice big leafy green salad, with lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, peppers.... all from our small garden.

People stared at us.

Apparently, that was not what they meant.
Green salad is code for GREEN JELLO. Yes.

Our social faux pas was not understanding that Jello was a vegetable appropriate for dish-to-pass type events. Oh hell no! Then I found out that Jello encompasses all levels of evil. You can put STUFF in Jello... to really make it salad. Carrot slivers are common (nasty!). If you add marshmallows, it becomes a gourmet dessert. If you add fruit, that fruit MUST come from a can or the Jello won't gel. Who'da thunk it?

Needless to say, they found my lack of Jello-ducation sorely lacking. After a few remedial courses in Jello making, I feel safe to say that unless I have the flu and am DYING, I don't really ever want to think about Jello again. Ever. Certainly not green Jello.

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